About Me

"My love and dedication to the industry and commitment to the individual experience of my client is like that of no other. My love for people and the light that shines within each of us guides me in creating the most unique and powerful experience for my clients." -Mandalynn
This is a busy time in which we live. It is my opinion that when we have an opportunity to do something for ourselves it should be an experience. As a busy Mom when I treat myself to something it is a must that I can relax, reclaim, rejuvenate, and retreat, It is my passion to offer this to others within an industry where this is unheard of but so very necessary!

Who am I

Hi I'm Mandalynn, First and foremost I LOVE God and my family!! I hav 3 absolutely adorable boys and quite possibly the best husband on earth! 
 I have been piercing professionally since 2007! I love what I do and I am very passionate about it!  
Read more about me, my story and how this all this came to be below 
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My Story

It was through creating my first little human that I really realized what was important in life.  
Before my first son arrived on this beautiful earth life was very materialistic to me. It was about making money to buy nice things, eat good food, and go out with my friends. It was also about image and looking successful. I was 22 and had owned my own home, drove a fancy car and had everything a 22 year old wanted.  
None of it mattered because every morning I woke up and dreaded my day. I didn’t like my job, in fact I mostly hated my job. Then in December 2005 Logan was born! I looked into his innocent little eyes and remembered a promise I made to myself when I was a young child, the promise that I wouldn’t work a job that didn’t make me happy, I would do something I loved.  
As a child I watched my Dad work just to pay bills and put food on the table but he wasn’t happy and it showed as well as affected our whole family. While I’m thankful that he made stability a priority, as a child I just saw there was more.  
I wanted to do what I was put here to do, I wanted to do what God created me to do! I wanted to do what came naturally to me, what brought me joy and a sense of purpose. I want to teach my kids that you can do something you love for a living. That your job, your career is a choice and life can be something you enjoy and it doesn’t have to be something you just get through!  
It was to my suprise that body piercing would be the legacy I was going to pass on. But it all makes sense now.
I’ve been intrigued by body modification for as long as I can remember. I begged my Mom to pierce my ears as a young child and my navel when I was sixteen. As a teenager I pierced a bunch of my friends ears (this is NOT a good idea, don’t do this.)  
In December 2006 I realized that my career could actually be something I had a passion for, body piercing! It came to me as a surprise, it was not what I had envisioned for myself, as I’ve gotten older I understand more and more why this is my path.  
With a lot of hard work and dedication I made that dream come true. 

My Qualifications

By January 2007 I did my first piercing! My apprenticeship was done at Monster Ink in St. Paul, and was very hands on.
I pierced pretty much my whole way through it! I had VERY understanding and supportive friends that let me practice on them! I’ve also done a lot of self teaching.
  • I am certified in CPR, First Aid, and Blood-Borne Pathogens.
  • I’ve attended the Association Professional Piercers Conference annually since 2007, with the exception of the 2 years I had to miss due to bringing new lives into the world!
Not to toot my own horn but...
I am the only female piercer in the state in MN who has done this on their own expense. 
  • I am constantly studying and researching different techniques, ideas, tools, trends, ect.
  • And of course, I am a licensed piercer in the state of Minnesota. 

My Commitment

I am committed to the giving the most perfect piercing possible.  
I provide a private, clean and comfortable environment, quality jewelry, sterile procedures, patience with placement, a fun and friendly attitude, education on how to care for your piercing properly!  
My special interests are creating a perfect piercing experience for my client. I really love when I can combine healing with piercing! I love working with people who want a piercing for a meaningful reason. I also enjoy working with people that are very nervous and hesitant to be pierced.
I find great reward at making people feel comfortable and putting their fears at ease. I love working with women, and taking good care of their children's piercings as well!!  
My love and dedication to the industry and commitment to the individual experience of my client is like that of no other. My love for people and the light that shines within each of us guides me in creating the most unique and powerful experience for my clients. 
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"I got my tongue pierced by Amanda, I was scared out of my mind to do it, literally shaking. She did it super quick and with hardly any pain. It was a really good experience for someone who is terrified of needles"

-Jade Beaver

"Amanda was exceptionally helpful and awesome to have as my piercer! She explained everything to me and made me feel comfortable"

-A Google User