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Inner Bliss is Currently Closed for Maternity Leave and Relocation. I appologize for the Inconvenience. 

Please feel free to email me with questions and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

An Elegant  Body Piercing Studio offering Fine Body Jewelry and a  
Ultimate Body Piercing Experience that will Nourish your Mind, Body and Soul.


Your Piercing at Inner Bliss

Your Piercer at Inner Bliss

When you get a Piercing at Inner Bliss you will be greeted with a spa-like atmosphere where you can enjoy a relaxed body piercing experience. 
Your experienced Precision Piercing Practitioner will offer you a calming and fun energy, bringing peace to even the most nervous clients.

Why Inner Bliss

Getting a Body Piercing can be and experience our spirit seeks for a variety of reasons. However it can be intimidating and intense walking into a traditional tattoo shop. Inner Bliss offers body piercing in a way you have never experienced or even knew possible with an unrivaled atmosphere along with operating at and above industry standards with training, jewelry, and cleanliness.

The Holistic Body Piercing and Jewelry Boutique

I feel I have a unique edge in the industry. My specific passion is in the "piercing experience." Some people get a piercing just to get a piercing or because they want something pretty (which is a great reason to get pierced and I love those piercing too.)
However many desire a piercing for a special reason such as; Reclaiming independence, healing emotional and spirituals traumas. Marking a pivotal moment in life; a new chapter or season or the end of an old one. A milestone in overcoming an addiction, or eating disorder. Reclaiming their body, rite of passage, having overcome a serious illness or healed from a serious injury.
 Along with various spiritual reasons, and beliefs. I LOVE these kinds of piercings.

I LOVE allowing space and an experience for people to get all that they need when they get their piercing.  
Often getting a piercing can be an intimidating process, for many reasons. I enjoy helping you to enjoy the process as much as possible and ease your fears.
I make it my priority to offer a one on one comfortable and relaxed experience tailored to your needs and wants!